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Zepend has a big unique mission: be a tool for travellers and locals, to help them to have the best hangout and meet new people.
If you are a traveller or a local that want discover new plaec where to go, our system will suggest you the best place to go in line whit your interest and our technology called "proximity matching" will help you to interact you with whom is close to you at same time in the same place. All in respect of other's privacy.
So, why not use it?
You will find Zepend chat,in any other app has request for free our API to be integrate it into their system.
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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business

Brand Identity

Associate your brand with the new "anti-social media" philosophy. Enough of the virtualization of reality, enough with social exclusion, the dependence on dopamine from like, follow and hearts. You too can contribute to Real Virtuality, which is the technology at the service of reality and not the other way. From today foster intentions, human relationships and fight the growing trend of Hikkikomori and disorders related to the abuse of social media.

Proximity matching

Wherever you are you can interact with evryone is close to you without exchanging sensitive data with them. We are careful about your safety. With the proximity matching the fake profiles, bots and all the false interactions that there are today on social media will be eliminated.


We can list numerous marketing techniques, but word of mouth is always the best, the most effective and with the highest conversion technique. The best way to get it? make your users happy! We want to provide you with a tool to make your users happier and therefore more willing to word of mouth, and therefore to grow your platform!

Web Design

Our goal is to create a service that is independent of the platform that hosts it, and that allows to interact in cross platform! Ergo, different apps hosting Zepend's chat with proximity matching will allow users to interact even if they have different apps, but with integrated Zepend!!

Packaging Design

We will provide APIs and templates for FREE, contact us to know how!

Web Development

Our team will provide you with the best tools to simply integrate our chat into your app. Become part of the Zepend family and allow your users to connect freely!


Who is Zepend?

Lorenzo Diomeda

CEO & Founder

CEO & Co-founder, technology enthusiast, dreamer, entrepreneur in constant search for new ideas and things to know!
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Antonio Diomeda

CMO & Founder

CMO & Founder
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Alessandro Spadini

Developer & Founder

Developer & Co-founder, Expert in Linux-based systems, including Android, electronics and sensors controlled by Atmel microcontrollers, but also Master of Percussion Instruments, active musician. Polyhedric, inspired, passionate about art, science and technology.
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